Українські водні питання в умовах воєнного стану


In terms of water resources available for use, Ukraine is one of the least well-off countries. According to this indicator, Ukraine ranks 111th among 152 countries of the world, and ranks 17th among 20 European countries.

With the current practice of using available water reserves, the world will face a 40% shortfall of projected demand by early 2030. By the end of the 21st century, the river flow in most basins of Ukraine will significantly decrease under any scenario: "soft" or "hard",
therefore, it is necessary to prepare for a potential water problem today.

Accumulation of large volumes of water in artificial reservoirs during hostilities is a rather dangerous factor. Broken dams of Ukrainian reservoirs can flood lands and cities far downstream. Such a danger for Ukraine exists for a significant number of territories, which covers hundreds of settlements, where hundreds of thousands of citizens live.

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