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As many of you know, I have been working with the Ukrainians of  Colorado during the past year in organizing a shipment of humanitarian aid to Ukraine (Big Box I) which was sent from Denver via ship in New Jersey in the spring which arrived in Odessa this May.  The container included clothing, bandages, children’s toys, etc.  I was able to include some medical equipment (wheelchairs, canes for the visually impaired, canes, walkers, crutches, etc.) to Tatiana for her organization in Kiev that works with disabled persons who have been displaced from the Lugansk region in the east of the country. I was also able to include a computer, printer, camera, etc. for my former counterpart Olena from Donetsk that many of you may remember from previous blogs.  She is trying to relocate some of the classes from Donetsk State University to Mariupol.  The supplies were gratefully received and have been distributed to the various NGOs in Ukraine.  The Ukrainians of Colorado are now actively collecting donations for Big Box II in Denver and hope to ship it in a couple of months to Odessa.  One of the Kirovograd NGOs that works with younger disabled persons is on the list for needed items for the next shipping container.Алексей, Павлик, ремонт Игорь Мкарян, травма органов зрения Ukrain of Co - Flag on Cont. Genia, Brad, etc.april 8  2015jpg